This particular body to body massage is a unique type of massage where I will use my hands and my entire body to massage you.

It is an extremely sensual rendez vous but not a cover up for consented sex.

The aim of my massage is to awaken your erotic energy and spread it throughout your whole body.

During  a Tantra massage we create a space together in which you can completely relax and be who you are, put away all masks and everyday worries and enjoy my conscious and loving touch.

It will be my honour to be your guide on a path to the unknown and profound.

Shall we start?


Massage passif

Massage tantra , doux et enveloppant

   This is a Sensual relaxing body to body massage on mattress suitable as an introduction to tantra mutual massage. Ceci est un massage doux et sensuel, pendant lequel le receveur reste totalement passif. 
   During a Neo Tantra session, the client remains PASSIVE, he refrains FROM TOUCHING.
 The LINGAM massage is ​included.  
 La durée la session douches et social time. 
Nouveau 60min 145€ 
90min - 175€
120min - 225€ 
150min - 275€ 
Shower before and after and social time included
Massage avec partage des caresses 




See you soon